Be Happy. Stay Safe. Give Them A PreppBag.

First Aid, light, warmth, food and water – prepped and ready to go.

PreppBag Shares Your Love

You’re always thoughtful about your purchases so up your game. Take care of yourself or send a gift that has true lasting impact with PreppBag’s emergency kits, which are designed to be the highest quality preparedness bags available. Whether you’re a sister, a brother, a parent of a graduate, a dog lover, you do what’s best for them because you love them. Because they mean everything to you.

Preparing for Life, One Bag at a Time

At PreppBag, our passion is creating emergency preparedness bags for people and four legged friends who matter most. You should consider getting our bags for all those you want to be safe and OK when the unexpected happens. Does your graduate have what he needs to be on his own? Does your sister have what she needs when the power goes out? Is your dog ready for hot days in the sun?

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