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Preppbox 48h (veg 🌱)

Preppbox 48h (veg 🌱)

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Preppbox 48h is insurance against empty stomachs if the crisis comes. A box of good nutritionally calculated meals that is enough for one person for two days and lasts for at least two years.

Preppbox 48h is a box with food for two days for one person. Two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners. And two packets of good noodles. Vegetarian and also completely lactose-free! We call it the disaster box because that's when it should be used: if the disaster or crisis comes and you no longer have access to food as usual. Having said that, it is also perfectly suited to take with you on a trip in the forest, on the hunt or other contexts when you want to have easily prepared - and good - food with you.

All food meets the requirements of the Armed Forces and standards for nutritional content such as calories, fat, fiber and protein.

4000 calories for (at least) two years

The box contains food and snacks that correspond to approx. 4000 calories (3948).

A good starting point to understand what this means is that 2000 calories (kcal) on average is enough for an adult person for one day.

Note that calorie needs are affected by gender, age and body size. If you want to delve into reference values ​​for energy intake, based on the Nordic nutritional recommendations, the Swedish Food Agency hasa good compilation here.

Best before and lifetime

The products have a best before date of at least two years- but can probably eat incredibly much longer than that.

More about the breakfasts, lunches and dinners (and the noodles)


1 x Rice porridge with vanilla (producer: Blå band)

1 x Wheat porridge with vanilla (producer: Blå band)

A total of 2 breakfasts


1 x Mexican stew with lentils & potatoes (producer: Blå band)

1 x Chili sin carne with kidney beans (producer: Blå band)

A total of 2 lunches


1 x Kebab casserole with corn & paprika (producer: Blå band)

1 x Smoky pot with potatoes & lentils (producer: Blå band)

A total of 2 dinners


Plus two (2) packets of noodles – tomato and veggie noodles respectively (both are vegetarian) – as when-you-want-something-in-the-evening-food. Or as it is also called: snack.

List of contents and allergens

Here is the product data sheet for the box (PDF).

Here is a complete list of contents for each product in the box (PDF).

All food and snacks are clearly labeled with content, nutritional content and production date and any special dietary requirements. Contains: Gluten, milk, soy, egg, celery, SO2.

How you prepare the food

The meals are freeze-dried or soft-preserved and come in soft packaging that works much like a can - but flat, soft and much easier to handle. Best heated in a pan, in a water bath or with a chemical heater (which you can choose as an option). They can be eaten cold, but taste best warm.

Good paper!

The box also contains information sheets with easy-to-read and concrete tips for continuing to increase your crisis preparedness: a simple but simple rhyme and a really good checklist.

Developed and selected from the world's best

Our meals are not only tasty. They are also the world's best.

We use producers who are recognized as the best in the world when it comes to the quality of soft preserved dishes. Every product that we have in stock goes through a number of test processes before they are put into production. In step 1 the producer tests, in step 2 our partner Outmeals tests (more on them below!) and in step 3 soldiers test and rate on a scale between 1-9, where 6 is approved for NATO. However, we and Outmeals have an internal requirement toleast6.5 for production, precisely to get the best dishes possible. If you want to read our and Outmeal's code of conductit is available in English here (PDF). In addition to that, Outmeals, and by extension we, have also signed the UN Global Compact, which is part of the UN's global goals within Agenda 2030.

Developed with Outmeals - used by military, emergency services and coast guards. Including.

Outmeals was started in 2015 by Pelle (with a military background) and Johan (with a chef background), who both worked with field rations, so-called combat rations, for many years. Since 2015, they have been working hard, and successfully, to find, test and sell food and accessories to the military, authorities and NGOs. And then in 2021 with being responsible for the food and accessories in Preppbox, which has been developed and is being developed in close collaboration. Read more about Outmeals at theirwebsite.

Optional: 6 x Chemical heaters

To heat your food smoothly without a hob or open flame, we have a heater that works like magic. No, but almost – it's a chemical reaction. Pour in some water and it will start to boil. Good during possible power outages or if you don't want an open flame in a small space. A total of 6 heaters, SEK 11.72 each.


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