Leave your email and get our HORRIBLE VIS tips and checklists! If you yourself are prepared, it actually benefits the whole society. Our first products are the boxes with food, but we will continue to develop our range. If you already have requests or suggestions: get in touch! Leave your e-mail and follow us on Instagram - as I said, we want to make it easier, and a little more fun, to increase your crisis preparedness, and we will do that primarily via email and Instagram. Thank you for participating and increasing the whole of Sweden's crisis preparedness!

Everyone who leaves their email gets a link to a little guide that anyone can follow, a kind of Prepping for beginners. It's usually part of the content you get when you buy a Preppbox, but because we all benefit from more people feeling confident with their own preparedness (and a little because we're quite proud of our memory rule HORRIBLY).


That's barely a fifth of Sweden's population. Prepared, then. But together we can change that. That's why Preppbox - as a product and as an idea - is in everything we do. We want to make it easier to be more prepared if the crisis comes. Simply talk about crisis preparedness in a way that you understand - and in a way that you want!