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Preppbox Seeds 🌱

Preppbox Seeds 🌱

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Preppbox Seeds is a little more long-term insurance against empty stomachs if the crisis comes. Namely, it is a huge amount of seeds for easy-to-grow, hardy and storage-friendly vegetables and herbs, which we have selected together with the experts at the Seed Bank. 

Preppbox Seeds is a box with seeds for 18 different vegetables and spices to grow. The seeds are specially selected based on criteria that are important when growing from a preparedness perspective. They are:

  • They are easy to grow
  • They are hardy
  • It is possible to store the crops
  • Energy and nutritional value are high
  • It is easy to make your own seeds from the plant

In total, the box contains seeds of 18 different varieties. All from the professionals at Fröbanken. Read more which ones below!

18 different vegetables and spices!

  1. Carrot"AutumnKing" (50,000 seed)
  2. Beetroot"Cylindra" (900 seed)
  3. Broad beans"Witkiem" (100 seed)
  4. Sweet corn"Golden Bantam" (220 seed)
  5. Yellow onion"Stuttgarter/Rijnsburger" (750 seeds)
  6. Tomato"Jani" (10 seeds)
  7. Leek"Winterreuzen" (425 seed)
  8. Squash"Costates Romanesco" (10 seeds)
  9. Winter squash"Blue Hubbard" (10 seed)
  10. Parsley"Bravour" (5000 seed)
  11. Dill"Dukat" (2500 seed)
  12. Pepper"Dulce italiano" (10 seeds)
  13. Chili"Cyclone" (10 seed)
  14. Parsnip"White Gem" (1000 seed)
  15. Spinach"Winter Giant" (2600 seed)
  16. Kale(300 seeds)
  17. Gray pea"Jämtlänsk" (50 seeds)
  18. Rutabaga"Wilhemsburger" (950 seed)

Cultivation descriptions included

A folder that describes both all varieties and gives descriptions of how you can/should grow is included. The row and plant distances stated in the cultivation descriptions are on the extreme side to reduce the need for watering and facilitate weeding in slightly larger row cultivation. If you cultivate more intensively on a small area, you can reduce these distances, but then think about increasing nutrition and water.

Good and good seeds from the Seed Bank

The seeds are selected and handled (packaged and shipped) by the Seed Bank. The seed bank was started by Daniel and Maria and is run from their farm in Västra Götaland, where they also live with their children and animals; sheep, bees, cats, chickens and a small Danish-Swedish farm dog. Their seed bags are made of unbleached paper and can be composted. They – and us! - thinks it is better to have a smaller package for the seeds, partly because it reduces material consumption but also because it requires less packaging and takes up less space during delivery.

They primarily choose organic seeds and if they are not available, they demonstrate that the demand is there. Diversity is their watchword and they work hard to expand with new exciting varieties from all over the world together with older cultural varieties and Swedish varieties. All the material they use is source-sorted, composted or reused as material in their own cultivations in the form of cover material and the like.Read more about the Seed Bank here.


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