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Preppbag contains a backpack packed with things that are good to have:

• First aid
• Prepbox 48h
• Water purification
• Headlamp
• Matches

Here comes our good-to-have backpack - packed with everything (or a lot) you need to be extra prepared. The backpack is perfect to have if you need to quickly leave where you are. Keep it easily accessible at home, or always in the car. Complete your Preppbag with a thermal jacket, socks and perhaps a paper map. Hear more about how to think about your Preppbag in this episode of our podcast Waiting for the disaster (Spotify link).

Shipping will be added for 150 :-. About two weeks delivery time.

Read more about everything included below!




A Daypack designed to be light, compact and capable of being packed with what you need for a one-day excursion/mission. One large compartment, two side compartments that allow you to easily access the most important things. Well-padded shoulder straps and shoulder belt. Adapted for liquid systems. Made of 500D heavy duty nylon


35 L


1 kg


58 x 47 cm

First aid


4" Responder Bandage (First dressing 4") from the Finnish company CVN is an easy-to-use modern first dressing, whose design is based on the world-famous "The Emergency Bandage" from Israel, which is used worldwide.

The dressing is used to stop bleeding and protect the wound against soiling. The dressing consists of a 10 x 20 centimeter wound cloth that is attached to a 4.8 meter long elastic coil. The dressing is designed not to get stuck in the wound, which makes it easier to change. The wrap itself is designed so that it does not unroll by itself, which can easily happen with traditional bandages. On the outside of the gauze there is a so-called "pressure rod" with the help of which it is possible to increase the pressure against the bleeding source itself in a simple way. At the end of the bandage there is a so-called "locking bar" with which it is possible to easily attach the bandage when the dressing is in place.

Unlike the 4" Trauma Bandage, the 4" Responder Bandage has a so-called "pressure bar". The product contains no metal and is double vacuum packed.

Shelf life: 8 years.

Prep box 48H

Preppbox 48h is a box with food for two days for one person. Two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners. And two packets of good noodles. In addition, completely lactose-free! We call it the disaster box because that's when it should be used: if the disaster or crisis comes and you no longer have access to food as usual.

Having said that, it is also perfectly suited to take with you on a trip in the forest, on the hunt or other contexts when you want to have easily prepared - and good - food with you. The box contains food and snacks that correspond to approx. 4000 kilocalories (3974). A good starting point to understand what this means is that 2000 kilocalories (kcal) on average is enough for an adult person for one day.

Water purification

LifeSaver Wayfarer

LifeSaver Wayfarer™, born from the spirit of adventure, is very compact and robust. It handles dirty, microbiologically contaminated water and makes it safe to drink. It is our smallest and lightest water purification system to date.

Feel the freedom to go further, with a pocket-sized water purifier that can purify up to 5,000 liters of clean, safe drinking water.


Headlamp Light5 Zoom H22, 210 lm with SOS mode

Compact and lightweight headlamp powered by three AAA batteries, suitable for daily use. Equipped with an adjustable light cone and four different operating modes. Declared luminous flux 210 lumens.

Press the power switch on top of the lamp to turn on the lamp. The light is lit with maximum power. By pressing the power switch once, the operating mode changes to energy saving mode. With the next press, the light switches to flash function and with the third press, the light goes out.

The headlamp can send out an SOS signal through the morning blink. Three long three short flashes. SOS mode is activated by holding down the power button for a few seconds.

ATTENTION! batteries not included.


Our own little Preppbox matchbox. Of course you have to be able to light a fire!

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