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LifeSaver Jerrycan 20000

LifeSaver Jerrycan 20000

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The LifeSaver Jerrycan 20000UF is a robust and portable water purifier with a capacity to purify 20,000L of dirty water into clean drinking water. Contains LifeSaver's famous filtration technology that removes bacteria, viruses, protozoa, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens without the aid of foul-smelling chemicals such as iodine or chlorine or the need for electricity or UV light.


The LifeSavers® Jerrycan holds up to 18.5 liters of water at a time and is designed to support those with a greater demand for clean water such as group expeditions, long-distance adventurers, families or those planning to live off the grid. Buy for a shower head - guarantees you clean water to wash yourself in, also facilitates e.g. cooking and good for wound cleaning.

Dimension: 349mm x 171mm x 476mm

Weight: 3.9kg

Capacity: 18.5L

Purifies 20,000 liters without changing the filter

Fast water flow - 3 litres/min. 0.6 bar

Shower handles are available as accessories

Contains a replaceable disc with activated carbon for chemical and heavy metal reduction as well as to reduce bad taste and smell, effective for up to 500 liters

Our standard activated carbon discs used in all LifeSaver products have been tested to demonstrate excellent reduction of heavy metals and chemicals such as chlorine, lead, nickel and cadmium. Improves taste and smell.

The water is still safe to drink without an active carbon disc installed

Replaceable filter - saves on both wallet and environment

Independently tested by "Independent Test House" to exceed full requirements of NSF P248 compliance standards, to reduce viruses, bacteria, protozoa and fungi by "US Army Public Health Center (MEDCOM)"

FailSafe technology – When the filter's membrane is blocked, water cannot pass, safe and secure for the user

No chemicals or electricity required

No effort or pressing is needed

Cleans even the dirtiest water

Robust housing is adapted for the most demanding environments

The bottle is both BPA & BPS free

Carbon filter refills can be purchased separately

We are proud to announce that our LifeSaver® Jerrycan has passed the tests for NSF Protocol P248 Military Operations – Microbiological Water.

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