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LifeSaver C1 purification plant

LifeSaver C1 purification plant

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The LifeSaver C1, which was first launched for humanitarian organizations and the military and cleans even the dirtiest waters, is now available for purchase by private individuals as well. LifeSaver C1 delivers huge quantities of safe drinking water, up to 500,000 litres, but is still relatively light and robust.

Note! This is a made-to-order product that is produced and taken home from the manufacturer after the order has been placed. Lead time approximately 6-8 weeks. Real stuff then!

In Sweden, we consume an average of 140 liters of water per person per day, of which only 10 liters of water per day for food and drink, which means that the LifeSaver C1 can theoretically provide you with clean drinking water for a full 137 years before the filter needs to be replaced.

C1 is designed to easily connect to a water tank (min. 2 meters above ground), to a private well or even to a municipal water supply. The only requirement is a pressure of at least 0.2 Bar (2.85 PSI). With the help of this pressure, all the user needs to do is turn the faucet to get a good flow of safe drinking water.

The filter membranes used inside the C1 are the same as those found in all LifeSaver high performance cleaners, and will therefore protect the user from viruses, bacteria and protozoa (cysts).

Cleans: 500,000 liters of water

Weight: 6 kg

Fast water flow: 5 litres/min

Standard NPT 3/4" connection

Contains a replaceable activated carbon disc for chemical and heavy metal reduction as well as to reduce bad taste and odor.

Standard activated carbon discs used in all LifeSaver® products have been tested to demonstrate excellent reduction of heavy metals and chemicals such as chlorine, lead, nickel and cadmium. Improves taste and smell.

The water is still safe to drink without an active carbon disc installed.

Replaceable filter - saves on both wallet and environment.

Safe drinking water comes directly from the swivel tap.

Opening at the drain facilitates cleaning and flushing of filters.

Robust housing is adapted for the most demanding environments.

Housing and filter are both BPA- and BPS-free.

FailSafe technology – When the filter's membrane is blocked, water cannot pass, safe and secure for the user.

No chemicals or electricity required.

No effort or pressing is needed.

Lightweight and robust, with quick disconnects, making it perfect for emergency or disaster response.

Several C1 units can be easily connected together and purify water from the same source, multiplying the number of liters of clean water.

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